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    Principle of sprayer

    Writer:Chenglong Time:2016-12-10 10:06:37

    The principle and classification of the sprayer has been the concept that the person who wants to buy the electric sprayer is relatively vague, the principle and classification of the sprayer are as follows:

    One kind uses the Bernoulli principle. Bernoulli said that the principle is in the same liquid flow rate, pressure, the flow rate is small, big pressure is small. Fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. In the management of the trigeminal canal (the specific figure can not be drawn out, their insight), the low speed flow of water to the high-speed flow of air. The water was torn into a high speed air droplets droplets (imagine the outflow of water, tap start is slow, but then gradually increasing the speed of the water column; it becomes a drip.). These small drops of water spray out into the fog.

    The second is to use water into the tube caused by high velocity flow, high flow obstacles split into small drops of water. Situations like the tap with your fingers up to block. Household sprayer with this structure, low cost.

    Third is to let the water charge (water dielectric), the water droplets repel each other into the same charge. This method of droplet particles is very small. The same principle is also used for car paint.

    Fourth kinds of ultrasonic atomization. Vibration can cause "spray" on the water surface, ultrasonic vibration frequency is very high, so it's "wave" wavelength is very small, so it's "spray" - small droplets are very small, these small droplets on a fog. In hospital treatment of respiratory diseases of the throat spray machine is to use ultrasonic atomization.

    The flame atomization device is mainly composed of three parts, the sprayer, the atomizing chamber and the burner, and the sprayer is the most important part of the whole atomization device and the whole atomic absorption spectrometer. The atomization efficiency is directly influenced by the atomization efficiency, and the sensitivity and accuracy of the final effect measurement are determined. Flame atomization device is also an important part of the flame photometry.

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