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    Introduction of types of sprayer

    Writer:Chenglong Time:2016-12-10 10:07:21

    Below I use the most widely used agricultural knapsack sprayer in several mainstream varieties, as a simple advantages and disadvantages for the majority of farmers and friends in the purchase of reference.

    An ordinary hand sprayer:

    Advantages: 1, the price is low. 2, maintenance convenient parts prices low.

    Disadvantages: 1, low efficiency, labor intensity is not suitable for large area operations. 2, the liquid medicine has run, run, leakage, drop phenomenon, the operator who is easy to wet, easy to poison is not environmentally friendly. 3, high maintenance rate is too much trouble.

    Two, high pressure automatic sprayer:

    Advantages: 1, high efficiency (3 to 4 times of ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity, continuous operation.

    2, wearing parts less maintenance rate is the lowest, basically no use cost. 3, atomization reached or exceeded the electric sprayer, direct injection process reached 11 to 7 meters.

    Disadvantages: 1, the sprayer to spend two minutes or so time to the syrup into the spray, before spraying.

    2, the use of methods and other different sprayer to read the instructions to make good use of.

    Three, electric sprayer:

    Advantages: 1, high efficiency (3 to 4 times of ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity, easy to use.

    2, give people the first impression is good, easy to sell

    Disadvantages: 1, battery capacity determines the length of continuous operation of the sprayer.

    2, too many brands of different models and fittings general maintenance is not easy, the repair fee is too high. The warranty period of the battery is also on the

    Almost, for a more than and 100, the pump is also easy to have trouble is not too good repair.

    3, because it involves a number of electrical appliances, it must be maintained by professional personnel.

    Four, motor sprayer

    Advantages: 1, high efficiency spray effect.

    Disadvantages: 1, the purchase price is high, the use of high cost, a barrel of water to a few cents to a dollar money.

    2, since the major, noise, pollution, high temperature, the operating environment is poor.

    3, the need for professional maintenance.

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