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    Spray knowledge of scientific maintenance

    Writer:Chenglong Time:2016-12-10 10:08:38

    The spray after the closure, to put the liquid medicine barrel, hose, spray rods and other parts clean, should pay special attention to remove the pump on the grease and dirt bucket bottom concave liquid. Because the majority of pesticides have to spray the corrosive effect, so after the closure, to promptly alkaline wash again, then rinse. Especially after sprayed Bordeaux, preferably with 1 alkaline soaking for 2 hours, because the Bordeaux mixture is very corrosive. Should pay attention to prevent rust. All the parts that can be disassembled, must be removed and washed. Spray rod, the inner tube wall of the nozzle must be washed with oil, so as not to damp rust.

    To do maintenance. A detailed examination of the parts, all parts of screws are often subject to wear or place, must be coated with glycerol, found that the damaged parts, to timely repair, to use again.

    After completion of the inspection the small piece of toilet paper wrap, placed in the liquid storage barrel, in order to avoid accidentally lost. Can not be placed in the dark corner of the room, but not open storage.

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