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    Principle and failure reason of compression sprayer

    Writer:Chenglong Time:2016-12-10 10:12:50

    The compression sprayer is a hydraulic sprayer which has the pressure of the liquid in the liquid medicine barrel by the pre compressed gas. According to the carrying way of the sprayer, there are two kinds of shoulder hanging type and portable type, the capacity of 6 ~ 8 liters of agricultural compressed sprayer, all of which are shoulder hanging type. China's production of agricultural compression sprayer has 3WS - type 7 (also known as 552 C), three cycles of -6 type. 3WSS - type 6 and 3WSS - 8 type and other varieties.


    3WS-7 type spray system in 50s to finalize the production of products, the barrel body made by thin steel plate, steel plate surface for anti-corrosion coating or spraying lead lined processing ability is not ideal pesticide resistant corrosion; no safety valve of the sprayer, such as excessive inflation, high pressure will cause the accident; but because of its simple structure, the price is the main varieties are still low, compression sprayer. Three - 6 and 3WSS - 6 and 3WSS - 8 type sprayer barrel and other parts are made of plastic, used Aluminum Alloy spray rod, rinse pressure switch installed safety valve has the advantages of safety, corrosion resistance, etc.. In the following 3WS7 type as an example.

    1, structure

    By 3WS7 type pump, liquid barrels and spraying component etc..

    Pump by the pump cylinder, piston rod and valve etc.. The pump barrel is made of welded steel pipe, and the inner wall of the pump is smooth and good sealing performance. At the bottom of the pump barrel and a gas outlet valve installation. The outlet valve should be sealed and reliable, ensure the pump in the intake when the liquid does not enter the pump cylinder, piston rod the lower end is provided with a washer, cups and other parts.

    The liquid barrel comprises a barrel body, a water cover, a water outlet pipe, strap etc.. Barrel body is made of thin steel plate, in addition to the storage of liquid medicine also plays the role of the air chamber, the requirements can withstand a certain pressure and can seal. The barrel is marked with a water level line to control the amount of liquid added.

    3WS7 type compression sprayer spraying parts with workers and peasants a 16 type knapsack sprayer is the same.

    The 2 principle is the use of compression sprayer pump air into the space above the liquid barrel level, the liquid under pressure, the outlet pipe and a spraying component into the spray, as shown in figure 11. When the sprayer piston rod is pulled, the pump barrel below the air thin endothelial bowl, reduce the pressure, outlet valve closed under suction. The cup of the air above the skin bowl bending, air through a small hole on the bowl into the skin below. When the piston rod is pressed down, the leather bowl by the air beneath the effect of tight against the big washer, the ball valve to open air downward pressure outlet valve into the liquid barrel. So that the upper and lower pressure plug rod, the upper part of the liquid medicine barrel compressed air increases, the pressure increases, then turn on the switch, the liquid will be pressed into the spraying part, into a mist spray.

    3 use maintenance and common trouble shooting

    The use and maintenance of the compressed sprayer is the same as the knapsack sprayer.

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