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    Cause of malfunction of motor sprayer

    Writer:Chenglong Time:2016-12-07 15:16:35

    Now, when the key period of cotton spraying. Some farmers friend will tend to occur in the process of failure of this or that the use of motorized sprayer in. The correct use and exclude motorized sprayer fault to help farmers, especially the reason not to start or start a motorized sprayer is difficult as follows:


    1 if there is no fuel in the fuel tank, the fuel can be filled with fuel.

    2 if the oil path is not smooth, should clean up the oil road.

    3 if the fuel is too dirty, there is water in the oil, etc., need to replace the fuel oil.

    4 if there is too much oil into the cylinder, remove the spark plug and spark plug idling laps dry.

    5 spark plugs didn't, too much Coke or insulator breakdown, should remove coke or update insulator.

    6 spark plug, platinum gap adjustment is not properly, should be re adjusted.

    7 capacitor breakdown, high voltage wire breakage or desorption, high voltage coil breakdown, etc., shall be repaired and updated.

    There is oil or burn 8 platinum, remove oil or grinding burn can be part of.

    9 spark plug is not tightened, crankcase leakage, cylinder pad burn, should be secured or update the relevant parts of cylinder pad.

    10 crankshaft box at both ends of the self tight seal wear serious, should be replaced. Main air valve is not open, open can be.

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